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Why is Facebook Important?

69% of Americans use Facebook icon

69% of U.S. adults use Facebook

More U.S. adults are using Facebook (69%) than Instagram (37%) & Twitter (23%) combined!! Since so many Americans are using Facebook, your business should be too. The experts at 220 Social are here to help you significantly increase your number of followers along with your opportunities to be found on social media.

(Pew Research Center 2021)

74% of US adult Facebook users visit Facebook Icon

70% of U.S. adult Facebook users
visit the site at least once per day

Facebook users typically visit the site at least once per day. This creates a tremendous opportunity for you to get in front of your customer base. You can significantly improve your client retention and referral generation by posting on Facebook daily. 220's Social service is the perfect solution for this.

(Pew Research Center 2021)

Facebook users spend 58.5 minutes per day Icon

Facebook users spend
58 minutes per day

on the app.

Your customers are on Facebook for almost an hour every day! That is a BIG window of opportunity. It is important to work with the flow of consumer tendencies. 220's Social media posting experts will make sure you are on Facebook when your customer base is.

(Forbes 2021)

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Facebook’s median engagement rate
is less than 1% per post

With so many people and businesses posting on Facebook, users are seeing their news feeds filled up faster than ever. This is causing a steady decline in engagement rates per post. You must post at least once per day if you want to successfully engage your followers. Let 220's Social media team save you time and money by posting customized content for your business.

(Rival IQ 2021)

How 220 can help you on Facebook

Post customized content 1x per day 365 days a year

Dramatically improve your client retention rate

Increase your following & audience engagement

Generate more referrals from past customers

Optimize your profile to maximize search engine benefits

Work directly with highly trained 220 social media experts

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Don't take our word for it.

Here are a few words from some of our current clients.

Ian Lenahan has been my consultant and has been extremely supportive in helping me get more visibility on LinkedIn and Facebook. He steps up and finds solutions to all my requests. I strongly recommend 220 Marketing and Ian.

- Marty Appel

We highly recommend 220 Group. Erica has done an incredible job and we strongly appreciate everything she has done. She has gone up and above in service to help our company.

- Don Grimsley

Ian is very professional and always follows through. I am very happy working with 220 Marketing and would recommend this to anyone considering.

- Bob Erven

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Facebook is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your customer retention

Let 220's Social Media Experts do the daily posting on your behalf for about $4 per day!



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