Why is LinkedIn Important?


49% of Americans making
$75k+ per year use LinkedIn

That’s more than Instagram (42%) and Twitter (31%)! LinkedIn is an excellent way to get your goods and/or services in front of Americans with buying power. The 220 Social marketing experts will help you take full advantage of this FREE source of business.
(Pew Research Center 2019).

LinkedIn is more than 3x more effective for lead generation than any other social media

The visitor to lead conversion rate from traffic generated from LinkedIn is 2.74% vs .77% from Facebook & .69% from Twitter. You are more than 3 times more likely to get a lead from LinkedIn traffic versus traffic from any other social media site. If you want more leads from social media, LinkedIn is where you will find them.
(HubSpot 2020)


Only 0.9% of users generate
9 billion impressions per week

This is means there is no better place for you to generate and share content if you want people to actually see it. Out of the 310 million monthly users only 3 million share content on a weekly basis. 220 Social’s daily posting service will provide the content that you need to make a BIG impact on LinkedIn.
(FindStack 2021).

How 220 can help you on LinkedIn

Acquire more referral partners & get more referrals

Post customized content 1x per day 365 days a year

Increase your following & audience engagement

Drive more high-quality traffic to your website

Generate more exclusive leads in real-time

Work directly with highly trained 220 social media experts

LinkedIn post Engagement
Happy Customers Testimonials

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See what our current clients have to say about 220

220 Marketing Group and my Web Marketing rep Ian Lenahan, is a true partner in my efforts to grow my business. In every instance he has been professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to issues when they arise. 220 Marketing is a good company and is a GREAT company due to employees like Ian!

- William Hurley

Danielle at 220 Marketing has been great to work with! I am a novice on website building and management— Thankfully Danielle has the patience of a saint! She works with me on small bits during our regularly scheduled meetings. It is like having an owner's manual on how to operate and effectively use my website. The whole experience has been money and time well spent.

- Ben Link 

Suzette Hidalgo is AMAZING to work with! I enjoy her input and wonderful assistance. She is not just a robot on the other line, she has personality and has been a great Marketing Specialist!

- Sabrina Nelke

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for
creating long-lasting referral partnerships

Let 220's Social Media Experts help you unlock the potential of LinkedIn!